New York Without The Attitude

The Sal & Mookie’s Story

Sal & Mookie’s brought New York style to Mississippi in a big way when we opened in 2007.

With authentic New York pizzas and a full Little-Italy themed menu— plus an ice cream shop right in the heart of the restaurant— it was a style and an experience the area hadn’t seen before. Combining Dan Blumenthal and Jeff Good’s commitment to high-quality family dining and desire to give back to the community, Sal & Mookie’s rocked Jackson. Only a month after opening, Mississippi Magazine named Sal & Mookie’s its “Best New Restaurant.” And as anyone who has seen all the awards on our wall knows, our reputation for excellence is still going strong!

A build-your-own sundae with Scooper's Hero ice cream, strawberry sauce, whipped cream and marshmallows, and crushed waffle cone pieces served in an ice cream boat.

Close up shot of the Meat Packing District Pizza with pepperoni, ham, and Italian sausage.

“I love pizza,” says Chef and Co-Owner Dan Blumenthal, “always have! And I wanted to bring real New York style pizza to Mississippi. The huge pies, authentic toppings, the brick-lined ovens, flavorful crust… all of it! So collaborating with my corporate chef, Jon Pixler and I worked on a dough recipe and red sauce until we felt we got it right. It took the better part of a year.” To round out our research, Dan, Jeff, and the team flew to New York for a pizza-eating marathon. They visited a dozen famous New York pizzerias and ate more pizza than they care to discuss. What they found? Chef Dan continues, “What we had created in Mississippi from memory and research was true to the originals we were eating. We were ready to go!”

We named all of the pies on our expansive menu after New York landmarks and people: the Central Park, Empire State, Freedom Tower, Meat Packing District, 4-Train, and the Gambino to name but a few! “Our pizzas are like no others you have ever tried,” states Jon Pixler, Chef and Head Pizzaiolo. “All of our toppings and ingredients are either hand made from scratch, or are the absolute best quality we can buy… The best ingredients yield the best food!”

We’re not a one-trick pony though. In addition to fantastic pizzas, we offer gourmet paninis and hot subs, classic Little-Italy style pastas and appetizers including award-winning wings, and out-of-this-world flame-grilled burgers like the Bobby Flay, Statue of Liberty, and the Turkey Lurkey.

And to delight the inner-child in everyone, we centered the main dining room around an entire ice cream parlor. There we make an almost endless variety of splits, shakes, malts, floats, and scoops! Can’t make up your mind which flavor you want? We offer free samples and you can always get an extra scoop—we won’t judge. Stick around to see how your treat is made and pick out your toppings!

Obviously, with ice cream, Mookie’s Mocktails, Wikki Stix to play with (ask to have your creation put on the wall!), and pizza, Sal & Mookie’s is a kid’s paradise.

But we don’t forget adults! “When Dan and I dreamed this up, we wanted to provide a place where parents would love to take their kids,” shares Jeff. “But too often, family-oriented restaurants serve mediocre food, or give sub-standard service, or are just ‘too kiddy’ for adults to really enjoy. At Sal & Mookie’s, our food is top-quality and the experience great for everyone. We offer local and regional craft beers, a fully stocked bar, and custom cocktails like the Bada Bing and the Mookarita. I’ve never seen adults so happy to be out with their kids!” Our commitment to families shows. Since opening in 2007, Sal & Mookie’s has been consistently named the best restaurant for families by Mississippi Magazine and Parents & Kids.

A New Chapter

Meet the People Behind Sal & Mookie’s Madison

To find one’s vocational calling – something you excel at – is truly fortunate.  

“To share that with someone you love is a blessing.”  Patrick Munn & Hali Sappinton

We are “restaurant people” and for over 15 years we have worked with some of the most prominent and influential restaurant owners, chefs, and managers in the industry.  Our extensive exposure to all areas of the business – from dining room to kitchen to bar – has provided us with comprehensive training, knowledge and aptitude.  Our hands on attitude and intense eye for detail, assists us in competent execution of any task we undertake. 

Our goal is to develop and sustain a vibrant and successful business of our own, in this, the industry we love.  We have shared this dream since 2006 when we recognized a common drive and passion within each other.  

We find joy in others happiness professionally and personally, and we look forward to leading an amazing team for years to come.

The Sal & Mookie’s Madison Team!

General Manager

Patrick Munn

Patrick has been in the restaurant industry since 2001. He loves spending time with his family and in his spare time they enjoy trips to the beach, Smith Lake, and the reservoir where they have fun tubing surfing, and wakeboarding.

Managing Partner

Hali Sappington

Hali has been in the restaurant industry since 2005. Hali enjoys being the behind the scene person that keeps the show running smoothly at Sal & Mookie’s – Madison. When Hali is not at work, she likes to spend family time with Patrick and their two daughters at the beach.